Websocket for WebRTC behind Reverse Proxy

Im trying to run the http server of Asterisk behind a reverse proxy (running on the same device as Asterisk itself). All is working ok, except i always get as the host for the devices connected using websockets. This a common problem with reverse proxies, because after passing it, the new source ip is no longer the original one but the one of the reverse proxy, but normally this can be solved by using the header ’ X-Forwarded-For’ or ’ X-Real-IP’ in the http request and putting the original ip there. However this doesn’t seem to work here. Is this not supported in Asterisk? Is there another way to do this? Should it work and i just did something wrong?
Thanks a lot!

The use of that header is not currently supported within Asterisk.

Thanks a lot for your answer. So at the moment, there is no way to get the correct host showing when behind a reverse proxy?

Right, without support for such a header you can’t.

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