Webmail gateway

I have the asterisk@home 1.3 installed and running, and have almost everything figured out at this point. The only problem I am now having is logging into the webmail front end to retrieve voice messages.

I created the user 200 and 201 with passwords. I leave a voice message for 201, and can get the email of it, and can dial *98 and retrieve it. However, when I try to log into the account from the web front end, I continually get Login Incorrect. I have checked and double checked the user/password and can’t find any issues.

Something I did notice, but don’t know if it is an issue, is that in the MySQL database, the “ampusers” table is not holding any data for users created. The only table holding info is the “sip” table. Shouldn’t the users also be created in the ampusers table as well? I have looked through all the server logs and can see no errors anywhere concerning this or the login problem.

For note, I have reinstalled asterisk@home several times to work some things out, and have been able to log into the web front end before without issue.


Anyone got an answer to the above. I’m having the same issue want to know if there is a default user name and pass I should be using or something.

Are you using different contexts for the extensions? I was playing with a voicemail front end that required the context for the extension. For example if extension 200 was in the “sales” context, its username would be 200@sales.

Thanks for the reply…I’ll check it out when I get to the office Monday.