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Hi Team,
I need Asterisk Web RTC Javascript connection, But it got with an error SSL connection
also, I used self-signed certificate
local centos 7.8 server
asterisk version 16

if it needs an original SSL certificate and domain name . Anyone, please help me?

It is recommended to use an actual valid certificate according to the browser. You CAN use self-signed, but you have to ensure it is trusted by the browser.

Self signed certificates are root certificates, as used by Verisign and LetsEncrypt, to verify that they signed the active certificate. Whilst one could self sign the actual certificate used for the phone/server, one would normally use a self signed corporate root certificate, if your clients are all internal, or one signed by one of the the commercial authorities, or a free one, like LetsEncrypt.

The advantage with LetsEncrypt is that most browsers, will already have their root certificate installed. The disadvantage is that the low level of identity check involved will mean that there will be some, security sensitive, organisations that block the use of their certificates.

I get a lot of people asking me questions like this, and see this come up a lot. Most modern browsers stopped supporting self-signed certificates. So if you don’t want to go out a buy one, then you can make your own CA certificate, and install it on your own pc - although this method is best only for testing or for internal/company wide deployment.

I made a detailed video on how to do this and get a WebRTC client running, you can check it out:

GitHub site:

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