Warnings about modules not loading even though they are marked as noload

I’m trying to tidy up my installation and I have added a number of noload entries into modules.conf but I’m still getting warnings from a lot of files which are marked as noload. Specific examples are nearly all of the pjsip modules but they are not alone.

What is the purpose of noload in modules.conf if something is still trying to get them to load even if the logged message is a Warning

What is the actual messages you are seeing?

Your message prompted me to look a little closer and the confusion was because I had previously taken the list from the log file of the modules which were showing this state and put them as noload and hadn’t noticed that some other ones either weren’t present originally or had appeared, possibly because of the ones I had noloaded. It looks much cleaner now.

It might be useful if the noload could take wildcard in the names so that you could for instance specify pjsip