WANTED: Telephone Pro

Looking for a telephone pro -

I have a hosted phone setup with every feature any business could possibly need. Lots of businesses are spending big money on phone setups that aren’t doing the job they need done. Many of them aren’t even aware of the fabulous features modern telephone technology offers and how much money they can save.

I’m an Internet marketing professional and have been for 12 years. I know how to identify, contact and sell my phone system to businesses that may not even be aware they need it.

I’m looking for a partner / associate who really knows telephone technology to operate and manage the system.
It would work like this:

  • I make up a website and other promotional material - brochures, press releases etc…
  • I advertise & find businesses interested in a new phone setup
  • When I find a customer you and I figure out their specific needs.
  • I sign them up
  • You set them up with a new phone setup

If interested and you really know virtual pbx / hosted phone technology please get in touch. Please include your background and contact information. I’m looking for someone in California only.