Vpn connection with xia302

A VPN allows you to connect securely from a remote location (such as your home) to an LAN (Local Area Network) located in another location, such as your workplace, business office, etc. A vpn client and server is a necessary for vpn connection.
We have constructed and tested the vpn connection between windows vpn client and dd-wrt router in article “How to set a vpn connection between dd-wrt and windows OS”, and now some further tests have also been completed and will be introduced in this article.
As we know, dd-wrt could work as the vpn server and client. Except the windows vpn client, there are two other options for client which are dd-wrt router and ATA with vpn client. We choose xia302 with pptp client to construct the vpn connection for small voip system as follows: telecomchinasourcing.com/img/vpn_xia302.jpg
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