VONAGE softphone AsteriskNOW setup - Please help

Hi All,

I’ve been struggling for 4 days now (sad but true) trying to get AsteriskNOW to work with my two Vonage softphone lines.

I have had incoming calls working and no outgoing calls working. I then had outgoing calls working with no incoming calls. And i now i have neither working.

Nothing from the web-based administration menus has gotten me any results. Rather i have spent most of my time fiddling with the config files through the file editor.

links like this:


have offered some insight. But these are direct Asterisk installs and i beginning to think IF i am going to use these guidlines AsteriskNOW becomes more of a hinderance then helpful… (unless ofcourse i actually understood more about the general config)

SO my question is, does ANYONE have direct experience getting vonage softphone lines working in AsteriskNOW. I have all my passwords, proxy domains etc.

I will post my conf files if needed but i can tell you they are useless at this point. I’d like to be able to start with the web based admin to generate clean config files and entries and make changes where needed.

Thanks in advance.