Volume of Channels

Is there a way to change the volume of a specific channel on the fly? IE: Someone is to loud in a conference and I want to force their TX volume to lower.

A dialplan function, VOLUME[1], exists which can be used to change the received/sent volume on a channel. You could use AMI to place this on the channel in question using SetVar. This would allow you to control it.

[1] https://wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/AST/Asterisk+13+Function_VOLUME


As I test I did:

same => n,Set(VOLUME(RX)=-5)

To see if the volume was quieter when I called. There was no change nor do the docs specify any sort of range.

maybe this error helps:

[Mar 28 14:35:43] ERROR[9752]: pbx.c:4491 ast_func_write: Function volume not registered

Not sure how to register that.

Figured it out :slight_smile:

was using volume instead of VOLUME for chanvar and I was mixing up RX and TX

I thought RX was sound I was receiving and TX was sound I was transmitting but was the other way around.

For anyone else coming here:

dialplan set chanvar YOUR_CHANNEL VOLUME(TX) 15

will make what you hear REALLY loud. :slight_smile:

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