VoiceMenu auto answer [newbie]

Hello, I’m testing the HelloManager tutorial in Asterisk-Java. Here’s my code:

OriginateAction originateAction = new OriginateAction(); originateAction.setChannel("SIP/6891234567@voip"); originateAction.setContext("default"); originateAction.setExten("6000"); originateAction.setPriority(1); originateAction.setTimeout((long) 80000);
However, there are times that it calls my mobile number and sometimes do not. What happen is, I run the Java code and then my voice menu for extension 6000 automatically plays its Playback() thing. Here’s my voicemenu plan:

comment=Voice-6000 alias_exten=6000 exten=s,1,Answer include=default exten=s,2,Playback(welcome) exten=s,4,Playback(goodbye) exten=s,5,Hangup