Voicemail to file (not db)

Using 1.4.26.
Currently my Voicemail is setup to record into a blob in the voicemessages mysql table.
I like the table because it contains all the info i want to collect (like callerid and such) however I don’t want the recording to be in the db.

I have multiple asterisk servers and don’t necessarily want to iterate through the table and process them after the fact (because i need them outside of the database at the end of the day).

I read about older versions of the asterisk voicemail app that did this, however you can’t retrieve other data (like ANI and such), and the app doesn’t let you specify the unique name for the recorded file so i can’t guarantee which is which if trying to track them externally.

If anyone can shed some light, it would be appreciated.
Looking to avoid tinkering around in the source if possible.