Voicemail time configure

hi ๏ผŒ

i am in hongkong, and how can i set the voicemail time to hongkong time?

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The voicemail.conf file controls the Asterisk voicemail system (called Comedian Mail). It consists of three main sections.
The first, called [general], sets the general system-wide settings for the voicemail system.

The second, called [zonemessages], allows you to configure different voicemail zones, which are a collection of time and time zone settings.

The third and final section is where you create one or more groups of voicemail boxes, each containing the mailbox definitions. For more information on adding voicemail capabilities to your dialplan, see asteriskdocs.org/en/2nd_Edit โ€ฆ CT-41.html

hey, thx for your reply.

i config like this, but doesnโ€™t work :cry: :cry: :cry:

estern=Asia/Hong_Kong|'vm-received' Q 'digits/at' IMP
52357025 => 12345,jeremy wang,jeremy.wang@21vianet.com,zt=estern

is there any thing wrong?

really thx for your help :smile: :smile: :smile:

not zt, but tz and one comma is missing

should work.

why there is two comma.

the time still not right, i donโ€™t know what problem.

estern=Asia/Hong_Kong|โ€˜vm-receivedโ€™ Q โ€˜digits/atโ€™ IMP

52357025 => 12345,jeremy wang,jeremy.wang@21vianet.com,tz=estern[/code]