Voicemail ODBC

I have Asterisk 1.4.32 and I would like save all VoiceMail to MSSQL 2008 database. I configured ODBC, but I receive this errors.

[Jun 18 14:00:37] NOTICE[19914] res_odbc.c: Connecting sqlserver
[Jun 18 14:00:37] NOTICE[19914] res_odbc.c: res_odbc: Connected to sqlserver [kupalaodbc]
[Jun 18 14:00:37] WARNING[19914] app_voicemail.c: SQL Prepare failed![SELECT COUNT(*) FROM pbx_VoiceMail WHERE dir = '/var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default/390/INBOX']
[Jun 18 14:00:37] WARNING[19914] res_odbc.c: SQL Prepare failed.  Attempting a reconnect...
[Jun 18 14:00:37] WARNING[19914] res_odbc.c: Unable to deallocate database handle? 0 errno=0 [unixODBC][Driver Manager]Function sequence error

I have configured in voicemail.conf



Description     = ODBC connection
Driver          = ms-sql
Servername      = ms-sql
UID             = TestDatabaseDemo
database        = TestDatabaseDemo
Port            = 1364


Description     = TDS connection
Driver          = /usr/lib/odbc/libtdsodbc.so
Setup           = /usr/lib/odbc/libtdsS.so
UsageCount      = 1
FileUsage       = 1
        host =
        port = 1364
        tds version = 8.0
        dump file = /var/log/freetds.log

I reloaded module and restarted asterisk also, but with no success.
What can be wrong?

Ok, this issue I resolved, I just changed the TDS version to 7.0. But now I receive different error, I can’t insert into database.

[Jun 19 14:30:25] WARNING[6212] app_voicemail.c: SQL Prepare failed![INSERT INTO pbx_VoiceMail (dir,msgnum,recording,context,macrocontext,callerid,origtime,duration,mailboxuser,mailboxcontext) VALUES (?,?, ? , ?,?,?,?,?,?,?)] [Jun 19 14:30:25] WARNING[6212] res_odbc.c: SQL Prepare failed. Attempting a reconnect... [Jun 19 14:30:25] NOTICE[6212] res_odbc.c: Connecting sqlserver [Jun 19 14:30:25] NOTICE[6212] res_odbc.c: res_odbc: Connected to sqlserver [kupalaodbc]

Try with Integration Server from Apstel.
The tool is easy to use, no need to work with configuration files, the tool takes care of it.
And it really works, I use it myself.
This dial plan will connect to the MSSQL server, execute query and say resut.

They have some tutorials on their website you may want to check:
codezone.apstel.com/tiki-index.p … +dial+plan