Voicemail infinite loop

I’ve been having an issue with asterisk hanging during voicemail with maxsilence enabled. If it detects silence it hangs up after the value (5 seconds in my case) and then enters an infinite loop of the following:

May 19 08:15:43 VERBOSE[29448] logger.c: – Playing ‘vm-review’ (language ‘en’)
May 19 08:15:43 WARNING[29448] file.c: Failed to write frame

repeating those two messages over and over again. I checked out the failed to write frame message and the disk is not full.

It seems like it is never detecting the iax2 hangup. This hangup is detected fine on my other asterisk system running on Linux/x86.

This problem only seems to happen with asterisk from cvs on Linux/ppc64.

Any ideas whats up here?