Voicemail in ARI for incoming

I am using Asterisk v15.5 and ARI from the default python library on github.
I have used the command “VoiceMail(6001@vm-demo,u)” in the dialplan once the timeout of dial is over. But I am unable to find how to execute the same functionality in ARI.

Can someone tell me how to execute Voicemail functionality in ARI once the timeout of originate is over in ARI code?

ARI does not allow execution of dialplan applications. You have to send the channel back into the dialplan.

Is there any other way to execute the same in ARI without going back to the dialplan?

On the other hand how do I check that the second created channel hasn’t been answered in ARI and get back to the dialplan to execute VoiceMail for the first channel?

No, as I stated you can’t execute dialplan applications (such as Voicemail) inside of ARI.

You receive events for outgoing channels and know if the channel is inside your ARI application and its state. Based on that you take action.

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