Voicemail App not present

I recently installed Asterisk 16 on my system like I did many times before.
I usually work on Linux Fedora 12 or 13 and I install Asterisk using yum:

yum install asterisk

This is the third time that I install it this way and everything worked fine. Calls in and out
with no problem at all.
But when I decided that I what to use VoiceMail App on one of my server, I get the message:
"No application ‘VoiceMail’ for extension ", meaning the application is not registered.
I checked the lib folder to see if the .so is there and I don’t see the module app_voicemail.so
Also the voicemail.conf file is missing. That only can mean that it was never installed.
I check if the package was installed and I see that “yum list asterisk” shows me
that asterisk-voicemail is correctly installed.

I decided to reinstall everything but this time I use the following command

yum install asterisk asterisk-voicemail

This time, voicemail.conf is there and app_voicemail_odbc.so too.
But no app_voicemail.so file.
I try to make a call to get to my voicemail and I get the same message.

But what is most intriguing is that in one of my three server, the voicemail is there and works !!
On the other two is not.
The only difference between them is that the one that works has 64 OS. The other two have 32 OS.

Do I need to compile and install a new version ?
I like to install with yum because its easy and straight forward. dependencies are installed automatically.

Please if you can help me with this issue i would appreciate it very much.
If cant solve this problem I think I will reinstall Fedora but this time 64 bit and try to install asterisk there
and pray this time voicemail gets installed well.

Thanks for reading and I hope you can show me the way.