Voicemail announcement arrangement problem?

Hello Dears~!

I did set up Trixbox 2.1.1 version and all function is working well.

But I want to change the order of the voicemail announcement for my country language arrangement

All our country voicemail announcement has been ready.

I’m seeking the method what change the configuration

For example, if I have received 1 new voicemail .

when I called *97 from internal SIP phone, I can hear the received time information of message.

Then play lower wav or gsm files

digits/8 <- hour
digits/13 <- minute
digits/p-m <- AM/PM
digits/1 <- extension number

Problem is that different language arrangement with English

So, I want to change or insert the announcement above files arrangement

I didn?t find the configuration about that.

Must use AGI ? or context? ( where configuration file?)

I need help.

Any you have idea?

Thank you