Voicemail and G.723

Does asterisk 1.8 support storing voicemails (as files) in the G.723 format? I currently have a server running 1.2 that I have to replace. I would like to have the new box run Asterisk 1.8 and just copy the voicemails over from the old box.
According to the voicemail.conf file, g723sf is an option. All my endpoints are using only G.723.

I have set up a test server and installed Then I configured a G.723 device on the test server. I can call and leave a voicemail message, and the messages file is “msg0000.g723” and has a filesize > 0. In the “msg0000.txt” file, the duration is listed as “duration=0” and when I call to retrieve the message, it is empty. If I leave a longer message, the file is bigger, but the duration is still zero. I have installed the G.723 codec and can see that it is installed by looking at the translations table. If I change the voicemail.conf file from “format=g723” to “format=g723|wav” then I see two message files for each message, one with the .g723 extension and one with the .wav extension. When I do this, I can hear the message without a problem.

I have looked online and cannot find any referecnces to this int he asterisk 1.8 docs, or on the forums. Any help is appreciated.


Was format_g723.so built?


Format_g723.so is built and in the /usr/lib/asterisk/modules directory.

That’s bizarred then. I don’t have any g.723 capable devices I can test w/, sorry. Can anyone else duplicate?