Voicemail 1st time menu - unable to open file

debian etch + backports

  • 1.4.6
    IMAP setup
    I setup a very basic system for testing purposes.

When I punch a VM number, I’ve got the 1st time menu, and change the P/W.
But when comes the time to record my name, I can’t, console says:

[June 30 18:07:15] WARNING[17897]: file.c:976 ast_writefile: Unable to open file /VAR/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default/1111/gree.msg.wav: No such file or directory

Then VM ask me if I want to accept the recording that wasn’t made.

Having a look at the path shows that everything until …/default/ exists, but 1111 isn’t here.

The path is /VAR because I first thought it was an access problem, so I made a copy and change path, rights and user/grp to: 775 asterisk:asterisk.

I guess this is not the normal behaviour, and that asterisk must create this directory 1111.

This is not an IMAP issue, as connexion is Ok.

Can somebody help me to solve that issue?