Voice very jittery

Hi, I am having jittery voice problems. Am testing local network calls and the internal phones ring but the voice is distorted. I am behind a nat and am using xlite softphone and a draytek router with the option to add a sip user.

Could someone explain anything in regards to RTP etc.
I have port forwarded UDP 5060 and UDP 6000 and 8000 to my asterisk server.
There is no option to port forward a range of port in Vigor2600V which is the router model.

Any info, explanations would be great

Thanks in advance…

Anyone ? :frowning:

what do you mean by ‘local network calls’? are the caller and receiver behind the firewall? can you describe your setup more precisely?

Hi thanks for the reply

I am just doing some testing and yes all calls are behind a router/firewall (Draytek Vigor2600V) When I sat local network calls I mean just calling another phone in the same network behind the NAT

I xlite softphone

I router with an alalogue phone plugged in and the configuration is pointing to my local asterisk server.

The voice is distorted both ways when I try and place any calls.

What other information would you like me to post.

Do I need to do any port forwarding etc from by router to my asterisk server ???

Thanks in advanced

just to be 100% clear here: the calling phone is on your lan. the called phone is on your lan. the asterisk server is on your lan. is this correct? if so, the router is not involved, and there is something else going on (no idea what…)

Yes everything is on my LAN. You say nothing to do with my router. So… should I remove all port forwarding from my router?? I will eventually add a service prodier for outgoing calls and incoming using a DID.
But I need to sort out the bad voice quality first.


you need to start removing variables here, and start from scratch.

using a your X-Lite (which is never going to sound great !), and your Asterisk server, what’s the quality like if you connect to an Echo test ? try recording your audio, what’s it like ? what’s the load on your Asterisk server ? are you running out of resources ? when you get acceptable quality, start including other variables (such as more phones) and you can establish where the drop in audio quality comes from.

to get some useful information, you’ll need to post more information about your setup too.