Voice-mail and fax detection In Outbound calls


I developing an international call center using asterisk PBX. The problem here is i getting somany fax and voice mails. So i want to hang up automatically and dont want to connect to my AGENTS in my Queue. How can i write a dialplan for AMD.

How can i use AMD() functionality in dialplans ?

How AMD works in asterisk

Is AMD 100% works in asterisk PBX ?

What are the settings i have to do in asterisk for AMD ?

Thanks in advance.


Did you solve your problem ? Having the same issue…


Its not working properly. Because i have given the default settings but its 50-50 chance.

Still i am trying to solve this. It depends on proper human voice i think. sometimes its detected as machine if our voice is proper. I am not sure but let me try again…



Criz… :smile: