Vm-enter-num-to-call, how to get and dial the entered number

Dear All,

I am running Asterisk 1.8.3, when user dialed 99, I would like to prompt user to enter the number that he wish to call …
I created a system recording from Build-In Recording file (vm-enter-num-to-call) and I created an IVR and select related announcement, but how to get and dial the entered number using installed PSTN-line (dahdi)

could any body please help?

many thanks in advance


you need to use AGI. You can use the get_data to get a number from callers.

follow this for more info: mehrdust.com/archives/agi-sa … l-php-agi/


You could but not really required.

You can use BackGround() and WaitExten() to play the message and accept digits.

For the extension to match, use a pattern such as _NXXNXXXXXX(or what ever matches you desired number plan). That extension would then Dial out the Dahdi channel.

However, I do not know why you would force your users to dial 99, listen to a message and then dial additional numbers when you could have an extension defined as _99NXXNXXXXXX. This would allow the user to dial all the digits at one time. Then strip off the 99 by referencing ${EXTEN:2}

Read and DISA may also be options, depending on the details.

I don’t understand why the outgoing side would involve any advanced knowledge.


I have 2 asterisks box, they are connected via IAX2…
what I need is:
when users in Asterisk want to outgoing call via Asterisk B… then he/she should dial 2123 … then Asterisk B should give a prompt message to ask the user to enter the number he wish to call ended by * key after that Asterisk B will get the PSTN line and then dial the number…

any idea or suggestion?

many thanks in advance