Visual DialPlan provides by Apstel not supported for Asterisk 16

Dear All,
kindly, I was working on the Visual Dial Plan provided by Visual Dialplan GUI - Free download | Apstel LLC on asterisk 13

I Migrate the service from Asterisk 13 to the new server host Asterisk 16, I tried to deploy the dial plan its not supported on Asterisk 16 using this GUI
attached is the error when after pressing on test connection

appreciate your help.

Thank you.

Asterisk doesn’t provide an SSH service; that is provided by whatever OS it is being run on.

You are right but I contact the server admin and advised the latest version of SSH algorithms changed and shall update the client and VDP clinet you provide on your site from apstel not supported, could you provide me other visual dialplan support Asterisk 16

This is an Asterisk site, ssh/sshd is provided by the underlying operating system. FreePBX would be a horse of a different color.

FreePBX is a good horse if the IVR call flow is simple, please find part of my call flow attached

At first I thought it was a knit pattern. How does this related to your ssh problem? You need to stay on the topic, if you expect answers, though it’s not always easy if things don’t work as expected.

My main topic is that I want a program to build huge IVR, such as Visual Dial Plan; VDP out of support.

kindly, Could you help us if there is such a platform (instead of a Visual dial plan) that can build huge IVR trees (huge dialplan) and support Asterisk 16 and later; apstel ( does not support Asterisk above v13.

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