Videoconf with asterisk IN PRODUCTION


I’ve tried to demo setting up a videoconf with asterisk. I’ve succeeded using a pretty simple setup, fpbx2.11 with asterisk 10.7 (straight from the iso)

At first, video calls failed because I was using zoiper (sorry, I saw a post from a zoiper guy, and my quick analysis is that it sends wrong ports in the re-invite - with v3.0 and 3.2). It worked then with Jitsi. I then failed making a video conference using standard conference rooms, and succeeded using the Jitsi conf feature.

In conclusion, it all seems shaky and not so stable - I guess I need to buy more devices, and test them, but it seems a lot like err & try.

So here is my question… Is anyone using asterisk as video conference server in production, with real users, happy users ?

thanks for any feedback,