Video & Trunk Issues

I finally installed the beta4 on two AMD64 3800 with dual processors, running on top of Fedora Core 5 with kernel 2.6.18-1.2257.fc5.

One of the boxes has a Digium T101 card, and the other has no cards.

I build a Trunk between both, the the one that has no card is also connected to the world through IAX links to providers.

The trunk quality is really poor except that I choose gsm. g726 is terrible even with the g726 nonstandard=yes option. Do I need to use allow=g726AAL2 instead of allow=g726?

Also, I have two GXV-3000 phones that worked perfect if I put both on the same asterisk, but as soon as I put one on each box, through IAX I have only video on the called phone, not in the caller, on I get error 126 on rtp reported by the caller Asterisk box. On the other one I only get miniframe out of order.

Also I saw problems with authentication if I put auth=plaintext. Those problems disappears as soon as I take off that line.

Any clue about this?


Did you use the GUI to build your IAX2 trunk or just did it through editing the config files manually?

No, I didn’t use GUI. I don’t even tried to GUI yet.

Everything through the iax.conf, sip.conf & extensions.conf so far.

I have the same problem of using video over an IAX trunk.
In my case I am using final version of asterisk 1.4 (not betas)
I cannot get even video working oneway, only voice is working.
According to list link video must be working with IAX.
I get the following in called side
frame.c:214 __ast_smoother_feed: Dropping extra frame of G.729 since we already have a VAD frame at the end

and this on the calling side
rtp.c:1245 ast_rtp_read: Unknown RTP codec 126 received from ‘’

Any ideas?

Well, I choose to disable to option trunk=yes and still I only get video on the callee machine. Both windows, the caller and the callee.
Now, you report that you’re using G729 on the trunk, but the error codec 126 is more related to G726 as I found on the forum. I get exactly the same error 3 times on the calling machine, and an MiniFrame video received before video.

But no difference. However as I said, the video works fine if I put both phones on the same server.

So far, no answers.

Yes I also got video working oneway by setting trunk=no in iax.conf

I am also getting the
chan_iax2.c:7489 socket_process: Received mini frame before first full video frame

error on one side and

chan_sip.c:1898 retrans_pkt: Hanging up call c1c482c303010b85@ - no reply to our critical packet.

error on the otherside sometime and the call hangs up. Video freezes sometimes for seconds and lot of noise when something moves in the video.

Hope someone can fix these things in IAX.

After a couple of test and also read an article that make me remember that there was no translation, I tried changing IAX for SIP between my two asterisk boxes.

Voila!!! Now I get video bidirectional working. Means that even when you still are on h264, passing from SIP-IAX-SIP there is a translation on Asterisk not supported.

Now, if we need video on diferent environment, like customers on different servers you better be sure that you have a sip connection between Asterisk boxes.