Video_sfu max_video_streams


“Note, there is hard limit, set within pjproject, to the total number of streams allowed (for all combinations). If using “pjproject bundled” for Asterisk this number is currently set to 16.” writed in the blog post here

So, is it means, if for example, there are two asterisks connected to each other(or kamailio+rtpengine in front of asterisk) and there is active conference between these two asterisks with 16 participations, than I can’t initiate new video conference because of maximum 16 streams?

It means that a single call can not have more than 16 streams in total, so in SFU that would mean 1 audio + 1 video from client + 14 video from other participants.

The SFU hasn’t been tested and doesn’t really have the support to allow connecting SFU video conference bridges from different Asterisk instances together.

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