Video playback extremely slow, 1fps

Asterisk 14.4 using PJSIP plays back recorded video at a rate of 1 frame per second. This extremely slow video playback is consistent across the board, but only with recorded video.

Regular peer to peer video calls work as expected.

The current suspicion is that there is a bug in PJSIP which is affecting the video playback of recorded video.

Possibly related to this issue:

Any help would be most appreciated.

Asterisk does not use the PJSIP media stack at all. The only thing it uses media related is the SDP parser/negotiator. The problem is likely in the core or format modules, as a change in regards to timestamps was made to allow higher quality video to work when passing it through.

Would you happen to know what or where that change was? I explored timing issues before as a likely culprit, but not as you are describing. I understand what your suggesting, just do not know where to start looking.

The code review[1] that probably did it and the issue[2]. The file side of things probably doesn’t use the timestamps properly.


Excellent! Thank you so much, we were able to roll back those changes from [1] , recompile PJProject/Asterisk and get the frame rate well above 1fps working with asterisk 14.4 and pjproject 2.5.5. We were not successful with PJProject 6 which may indicate an unrelated issue preventing the video from displaying all together. Further testing may reveal some additional information.

Edit: We were in fact able to get this working with PJProject 2.6. I apologize, I am overloaded and had to rely on the information given. I went back and verified on my own and it does in fact play on PJProject 2.6