Video issue when setting 'canreinvite=yes' in sip.conf

Hi guys,

I read that setting ‘canreinvite=yes’ in sip.conf allows direct media transfer between peers once a call is set, by sending re-INVITE messages to peers. However, When set to yes and making video calls, one of the peers at least, sometimes both are missing the video stream – no video picture, just a green background. Audio is working fine with canreinvite set to yes. Asterisk is on a public IP. Both peers are behind NAT on different networks.

I am curious to know why this is happening and if it can be fixed.

Thanks a lot,


You should use directmedia=yes, not canreinvite=yes. canreinvite is deprecated.

From the situation you describe, I would say that you are using some features that is incompatible with audio direct media, but the video direct media is still being set up. This breaks because the peers have no way of routing between their private addresses.

When directmedia=yes, video is not working during video calls. Video works fine only if directmedia=no. Does it mean that all media traffic is passing through Asterisk while directmedia=no? How can I fix that please?


There is no easy answer because it depends on a level of detail of information about your network and the capability of your peers that you haven’t provided.