VHF/UHF radio recording

I was wondering if anyone out there had any experience interfacing Asterisk with VHF radios and using Asterisk to record those radio channels (only when their is activity on the VHF band)? I may need to transmit from Asterisk to the VHF system in the future but for now I only need to record. This may also need to apply to UHF, 700/800 MHZ etc.

I have a couple of ideas, but nothing stands out as the front runner at this time:

  1. Turn the repeater into a SIP client
  2. Get an Analog radio adapter that is similar to an ATA for analog phones
  3. Send the audio over an analog phone line somehow into the Asterisk
  4. ???

I found the AARN site (asteriskradio.net) but all that seems very out of date.

Anyone have experience with this type of project?

thanks in advance!

Try “http://www.xelatec.com/xippr”.
It can be set up to record/transmit through an external vhf/uhf ptt radio.