VERBOSE "Unable to get recognition data

I want to try using google for speech recognition in Asterisk and I found a ready made AGI:

I have followed all the steps listed in the web site but I keep getting this error:

<SIP/2001-0000006e>AGI Tx >> 200 result=99981 (timeout) endpos=22720
<SIP/2001-0000006e>AGI Rx << VERBOSE “Unable to get recognition data.” 3

I made sure all the dependencies are met and that my API key for Google Cloud Speech is correct (cut and paste). Any pointers to get this to work or any other quick waysto start using Google for speech recognition in Asterisk? Thanks.

Asterisk 13.17.1

Contact the people who wrote the script. This message is simply saying what the script sent to Asterisk.

Try local speech recognition with vosk server:

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