Verbose command fails after using Dial app

If I use the following 3 lines in extensions.conf the first instance of Verbose works fine. The second instance seems to be ignored or skipped over and produces nothing no matter what I try. Running Asterisk 16.1

same => n,Verbose(3,Dialing: ${pnum})

same => n,Dial(PJSIP/${pnum}@circlenet)
same => n,Verbose(3,DIALDONE:)

Expected behaviour for an answered call.

Also expected behaviour for a call where the A side hangs up.

The first case can be changed with the g option.

What are you trying to achieve?

hmmm. Trying to determine DIALSTATUS. I MUST determine if ANY status is returned except ANSWER. My Gotoif is blowing up but I can’t tell what is going on. I believe someone said DIALSTATUS is either undefined or null when the G flag is used. I may have the syntax wrong. Tried GoToIf(["{DIALSTATUS}" = “”]?continue:z). FWIW I plan to use the “G” flag.

Checking the source code, it would seem that DIALSTATUS is set before G is actioned, so it should be set, and will always be ANSWER, if a GoTo happens.

No _ is used, so it is only set on the calling channel, not on the called channel.

With G, dialplan execution will not continue after Dial (unless the GoTo target is the next priority, of course).

Also note that your quote types mismatch on the null string and you are missing a $ before { but one or both of these may be the result of not using the forum </> button.