Variable from PHP

Hi i have the link when arrive 2 or 3 variable.
For example
I want traslate the variable tu exten for the call

What is your specific question about a problem you are having with using Asterisk. This forum is not a source of free detailed designs.

To start the non-Asterisk part, you might want to look at PHP: parse_str - Manual

On the Asterisk side, you probably want to look at call files or the AMI Originate action.

I have external link to asterisk and i want trasfert any variable on extesion.
I want know if it possible and where i see.
I read PHPAGI but it use asterisk to php, but i need php to asterisk

Please describe what you are trying to do in greater detail.

Apologizing in advance, but maybe a Google translate of your description may help.

This sounds like AMI may be a piece of the puzzle, but without a better understanding of what you are trying to do, it’s just a guess.

I have this link where there are 2 variable
number and text

I need trasfert on the extension for send the sms

You are asking for a compete design.

If you are sending large volumes of SMS, you should use a service. possibly provided by the mobile network operator, to inject the messages directly into the mobile network via the internet, rather than over the air interface. I believe that is how all large sender’s of SMS do it.

No there is a smal service OTP for one company.
I think 200 SMS for monthly (MAX)

If you use an SMS service provider (Lime, Twilio, Vitelity, etc.), the interface will probably be HTTP.

If you use a GSM gateway that connects via Ethernet, the interface will probably be HTTP.

If you are sending SMS to a mostly static list of mobile numbers (like a group of engineers), you may be able to send messages using the mobile carrier’s ‘email to SMS gateway.’ For example, when my wife’s floral cooler gets too hot or too cold, I send an email to '<my-mobile-number>@mms.<my-carrier>.net'.

Note that none of these use Asterisk.

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