Using Talker Optimization in ARI conferences


When creating a conference room in FreePBX, there is a very usefull option called “Talker Optimization”. Is there an equvivalent option when creating the conference with ARI (versioon 16)?

Eyal Hasson.

There is not currently support for such a thing. The full range of configuration is not available.

Anyway to create this functionality in ARI? If, for instance, I will mute all parties, and unmute when TalkingDetection event fires, and mute again when talking finished, would it get the same results?

I haven’t tested or tried such a thing, so I’m not sure if it would work and since it would be done within the ARI app, there would be a slight delay if it does work.

Otherwise support would have to be added directly in ARI itself for configuring.

Tried that. Seems that when a channel is muted, talking events don’t fire. Is there a way to mute a channel from the conference while still getting the talk detection events?

No, it’s likely that the mute is going in the audio chain before the talking events detection.

Well, I am still strugling with this. I need a way to make a channel listen to a mixing bridge without muting it. I tried adding the talker to two bridges, one holding and one mixing, and moving the listener between them. Seems I can’t add a channel to multiple bridges.
Any idea how to add channels to multiple bridges? Any way to add a bridge to join another bridge?
Any other idea?

You can’t have a channel in two bridges at once, only one at a time. Think of it as having two bosses at once giving you conflicting orders - it wouldn’t work out well.

I don’t think there’s any built in way to connect bridges, but a Local channel would likely work.

Do you thing that using a snoop channel on the talker might work?
Can you explain more about the Local channel option?

A Snoop channel will let you get the audio stream and use it, it may work to feed them audio from elsewhere as you want. The Local channel essentially creates two channels that act as an audio path between the two so you can independently do things - such as putting one in one bridge, and the other in another bridge, and then media flows between them.

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