Using established registration connection for incoming calls


I’ve got two Asterisk boxes. Box A is running on a gateway behind NAT. Box B is out on the internet:
Box A sends a registration to B over TCP and is successfully registered.

I want to place an incoming call from B -> A without having to open any incoming ports on A. The connection used for A registering to B is persistent and established. Can I configure Asterisk box B use this connection to send SIP signalling traffic to A?

     LAN            |            WAN                        
+-----------+       |       +------------+                  
|Asterisk A |-------|-------| Asterisk B |                  
+-----------+       |       +------------+                  |                                       

The chan_sip module will do this by default, and for chan_pjsip if “rewrite_contact” is enabled then it will also reuse the TCP connection.

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