Using Asterisk With SIP Phones

Hello all,

I know there are rules for forum boards and I’m sorry if I tread on them just panicking about my final year project at uni.

Basically I am using four cisco phones and downgrading them to a SIP phone. and I would to install a communication server so that i can manage them, am i able to this with Asterisk.

My network plan is below here … etwork.jpg

I was wondering if this is possible; don’t worry about the naming it’s a little funny. Originally i was going to make the Dream plug a STUN server but it’s not really needed if the firewall rules are correct. and it would be more impressive if I installed Asterisk onto this box to manage the phones but what will i be able to do, and is it possible to do this with SIP phones, as in SIP Gate(not just SIP) as they supply the STUN server and details for the phones and uplink to the internet but can Asterisk work a local management system for the phones ?

does this make sense, I’m sorry just I’m a little new to this so if i am chatting fluent sausage about this then please do slap me and tell me where I have gone wrong please :smile:

Thank you for any help if possible.

Kind Regards

Joshua Shipman

I’m guessing this is a stupid question then ?

Since the phones are local to the SIP server, STUN’s not really anything to worry about. Asterisk 11 supports STUN in the SIP channel driver, but I don’t know about the Cisco SIP stack for its phones, and it’s not necessary anyway.