I’m trying to receive UUI from a PRI line but without success. The telco support says that they see the UUI value and i confirmed it.

These are the configurations that i made


/* define this to send PRI user-user information elements */ #define SUPPORT_USERUSER


and USERUSERINFO is always empty.

Is there any way to find if the telco is sending the UUI and there is no problem with the asterisk configuration?

Thank You

what is your asterisk version . maybe you need to use this patch .

Asterisk Version:
Libpri Version: 1.4.12

After patching Libpri, libpri doesn’t compile anymore.
Asterisk compiled but same situation.

If i set “pri instense debug span X” i dont see the User-User Information, is this because i dont get any USERUSERINFO or asterisk not compiled corectly?

Installed asterisk 10.3.0 now i see the useruserinfo but dont know how to read it?