Users requring pin-codes before dialling?

I’ll start this with a disclaimer that I haven’t yet installed askerisk - I’ve read all the documentation I can find, as well as a number of forums, but haven’t found this exact requirement mentioned, or explained (a couple of answers such as ‘you could probably do it with some kind of scripting’ have been touted, but I’d prefer a firm answer before shelling out a good $400AU on a TDM400P with one FXO and two FXS.

Here’s my situation…

I live in somewhat of a group house, with an upstairs and a downstairs, and four housemates who just can’t get the hang of the whole ‘logging their calls’ thing, so I’m left trying to figure out who made what calls each month… Now I could spend $500-600 on a secondhand PABX, setup a bunch of users, and require pin numbers to be dialled before an outside line can be picked up, and then do call logging out the serial port… I already do that on a few client sites, but setting up a VOIP PBX via asterisk just seems cooler (and it means that housemates can plug in a USB VOIP phone via a softphone on their notebooks in their rooms and not have to use one of the fixed phones in one of the kitchens…

Can someone give me a firm answer whether I can setup asterisk to require that phone extensions (I’m guessing that it’d only need to be the two FXS-connected phones - SIP-connected VOIP phones would be authenticated anyway?) enter a pin code, so that I can log who made what call? And will it provide the logs in a useable enough format?

Thanks in Advance,


Yes, this is possible, have a look here: … sk+billing

For each individual’s softphone, you could just use that extension to break the calls up for billing without having to even enter a PIN number. On the central phones in the kitchens, you may then add the requirement to enter a pin number and add that to the database via the SetUserField capability.

Asterisk is used for such applications all the time, around billing, class of service and pre-paid apps.

Thanks, looks like I’m setting up asterisk at home then :smile: