Use more than one PSTN lines and X101P card

I have install and configure asterisk using single X101P card it running sucessfully .
now I want to add a one more PSTN line to asterisk , and I have another spare X101P card.

so can I use multiple X101P card in asterisk . for integrating two PSTN lines to asterisk.

thanks in advace .


yes you can. Put it in and it will become zap channel 2 (or it may become 1 and the original one is 2- it depends on PCI order).

need to edit /etc/zaptel.conf and /etc/asterisk/zapata.conf to make it work… replace channel => 1 with channel => 1-2 to keep all the same settings :smile:
good luck

Thanks for reply.

can you tell me one more thing
how can I transfer the outgoing call to any of the channel if any channel is busy
for eg: if and SIP extn. call a outside PSTN number and if the channel 1 is busy
then how will it automatically route through channel 2 or vice versa.

is it possible?


in zapata.conf before the channel => statement, put group=0

this will put the channels into ZAP/g0 and Asterisk will then use the group to dial out, delecting a channel that is available, e.g.

exten => 111,1,Dial(ZAP/g0/111|30|TW)

What Core are you using? I have tried Ubunutu and Trixbox but I am unable to get my X100P card to be recoginzed.


I use
fedora core 2
asterisk 1.2.10
Zaptel 1.2.7
libpri 1.2.3

and most important I used Ambient Md3200 X101P card . (detected as a communication controller , Tiger Jet Network Inc . Intel 537)


Can I use 2 IVR’s for two diffrent Phone number. Lets say that I have 2 businesses, and I would like to connect them to the same Asterisk box.

How do I set up 2 diffrent Inbound routes? ! from VoIP, the 2’nd one from PSTN ( X100P).