URL String is Bombing - WHY?

We have an application that sends a URL string to Asterisk and then Asterisk makes a call to a conferencing service. We are looking to upgrade the conference service. As a result we must change the automated input values in the variable string.

URL STRING 1 - The current URL which works flawlessly is:
replay247.com/marocom/AddSem … ID=default

URL STRING 2 - The new URL string is as follows (new phone number & ttpat in bold)
replay247.com/marocom/AddSem … &phoneNum=7124321000&ttpat=1020#*1&callID=188&custID=0277&time=02&preRollID=default

URL String 1 works within the application & if manually submitted.

URL String 2 bombs with the following error:
Seminar NOT started - errors detected:

  • Missing call identifier
  • Missing customer identifier
  • Missing time (in minutes)
  • Missing hold filename

I would very much appreciate any/all help in understainding why URL String 2 is bombing!!

Ross Yingling

Hi What does the httpd logs have to say,

Im guessing but it may be the # thats throwing it


Agree has to be the #… Don’t have logs (I’m a PM thrust into resolving this).

How do I include the # as an input?? It is a necessary part of the access code sequence.


If you have access to the server then you must have access to the apache logs on it, otherwise how can you have a snowballs change in hells chance in solving the problem.

But try using the ascii code ascii.cl/htmlcodes.htm


Let me clarify my question…

Is there a string or code that will allow the # to be used in a variable string?


Thats what I meant in posting you the link to the ascii codes, did you look at them ???


Try using %2F, which is the URL encoded value for “#”.

definitely the # sign, as that actually means something in URL strings… server stops URL parameter processing after it gets a # as that signifies an anchor on the HTML page.