Uri tel sheme not supported

Hello Every one,
Does asterisk handles the uri tel scheme?
If yes how can i configure it ??
if no are there something that i can do to handle this through Asterisk?
I use PJSIP for my outbound call but when i receive a call my Operator use the uri tel and i get the “426 : uri scheme not supported” error

The tel URI scheme remains unsupported in PJSIP as of this time. I expect this will change in the future. When it is implemented, there won’t be any configuration.

Thank for your reply. So there is not a way that can permit asterisk to handle the uri tel scheme? Because all the Inbound cal that i rceive from my Provider are uri tel

If there was already a way, then my answer would be that it already works. It doesn’t, and you can’t just configure it to work.

Thank Big Boss.
It’s Ok.
I’ll try an other way

Tuluu say’s that tel URI is supported by pjsip

also in the documentation

Supported by PJSIP doesn’t mean that it’s supported by Asterisk. PJSIP can parse and understand tel URIs, and the core stuff handles them. However Asterisk has to USE the URIs in places - so everywhere in Asterisk that a URI is used also has to support tel URIs along side sip and sips. That isn’t in place yet.

Hello @silentindark
Thank for your reply.
I’ll check this solution.
I hope that it is a good one :sweat_smile:

Yess @jcolp is right. PJSIP support URI tel but when it comes to Asterisk it doesn’t.

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