Upgrading asterisk 1.2 to asterisk 1.4, what files to copy

I’m upgrading an asterisk 1.2 to 1.4
Which files should i copy to the 1.4 server?
Should i copy all the folders that asterisk uses?

I did only copy sip.conf; that allows me to register with my softclients, but i cant call between them.


If its a vanila asterisk, firstly read the release and upgrade note, then make the changes to your dialplan so its complient, I would then set up a spare PC with 1.4 on it load you complete /etc/asterisk directory and then see if it load ans what complains :smile: by looking through the logfile then clean up all the errors and there you go…


Thx ian. How can u check if u have a vanilla asterisk?

Well you should know as its your system.

But for example is it bristuffed, patched has freepbx or another gui


I just did download the asterisk 1.6 version, and installed it on my centos 5.2 system.