Unistim in asterisk

I recently put a Nortel i2004 and connected it to my server. I can call any other extension on the network and I can call out, But When I call into the phone server and dial the extension it gives a “That option is not valid” What do I need to put into asterisk so that it will dial the unisim phone? With SIP its simple setting up the extension but the extension for the unistim is set up in the unistim.conf and not in the Extension control.

Any help would be great.

any ideas? I’m thinking its probably something to configure in extensions.conf but I’m lost at editing it.

voip-info.org/tiki-index.php … 20channels

here’s some reading

I have read that and did everything on it and that is how I am at where I am. Phone works just fine but can not call into the server then dial the extension.