Unable to retrieve PJSIP transport

I’m converting from sip (11.7) to pjsip (14.0.2) in ubuntu and getting the following error when I try to connect through twilio.

`[Oct 14 08:32:16] ERROR[4605]: res_pjsip.c:2731 ast_sip_set_tpselector_from_transport_name: Unable to retrieve PJSIP transport ‘transport­udp­nat’

Here is my pjsip config

type = transport
protocol = udp
bind =
; NAT settings
local_net =
external_media_address = 12.345.67.89
external_signaling_address = 12.345.67.89

transport = transport­udp­nat 
context = from­twilio 
disallow = all 
allow = ulaw 

auth_type = userpass 
aors = twilio0­aors 
outbound_auth = twilio0­auth

type = aor 

The name of the transport is transport-udp-nat. Thety have to match.

Your transport section is named ‘transport-udp-nat’, but in your endpoint template you are referring to it by ‘transportudpnat’. That’s what the error message is saying.

Thank you! My eyesight is not good!