Unable to call on IAX only SIP

My asterisk box was working great for some time but recently I made a big upgrade to the configuration files and rewrote most of them especially the dial plan.

I’ve now run into a new problem, I can make and receive calls with SIP just fine, and I can receive calls to IAX from SIP, but an outbound IAX call immediately gives off the “invalid extension” error message (Based on the reply from Zoiper). I have checked everything over a hundred times for hours and can’t figure this one out and it worked perfectly beforehand.

I should also mention for clarification that I’m using a phone to call out via sip or iax to another phone via sip or iax.

Heres my IAX config file with private info blotted out


; Binding

; Security

; Features

; System

; Calling Support

; Jitter Buffer

; IAX2

; Realtime Cache

;Preset Options



And here is some interesting code its spitting out on iax2 reload in the cli, its being authenticated just fine but that notice message wasnt there before the upgrade, now I cant get rid of it.

example> iax2 reload
   == Parsing '/etc/asterisk/iax.conf': Found
     -- Seeding 'example-user1' at ###.###.###.###:33345 for 60
 NOTICE[19612]: iax2-provision.c:558 iax_provision_reload: No IAX provisioning configuration found, IAX provisioning disabled.
     -- Registered IAX2 'example-user1' (AUTHENTICATED) at ###.###.###.###:61000

No configuration files were removed, only 1 was added in which was logger.conf

Any help is appreciated

I found the problem

Inside my IAX conf file was 2 contexts which I overlooked. One of the contexts referred to a context that no longer exists due to the upgrade. Removing it and reloading iax restored functionality.

Apparently asterisk didnt notify me of any errors on iax2 reload even with logger.conf set to log everything to console but debug messages and asterisk.conf set to log verbosely at level 20, perhaps a bug or a good suggestion.

either way when asterisk comes across an invalid context in sip or iax it silently skips loading the associated configuration all-together with no messages of any level in any category and still loads the module so the module appears to be working just fine from the cli.

I think it does load some parts of it as the users still showed up in the cli but it would have been helpful to output “ERROR: Inavlid context at line ###”

Throwing that out there for the next guy who has this problem