Two Way video (xlite) not working


I am having a video issue using an asterisk server and two xlite softphones.
I would like to know where I should start looking for a resolution.


  1. I set this up on *now as a test and was able to do it without problems.
  2. The current problem is using a ‘real’ asterisk server located overseas. I has been configured in the same manner as the *now server as far as I can tell.
  3. The problem is that only the caller can send video. If ext A calls ext B then Ext A can send video but when ext B sends video nothing shows up in Ext A incoming video window (but there is no “cannot send” error on xlite). The opposite is also true (When ext B calls ext A)
  4. Xlite reports Ulaw and h263(1998) as the codecs used in the call. The total Kbps adds up to about 250. Maxcallrate set to the default 380.
  5. One xlite client is in the same lan as the server. The other is in another country.
  6. The asterisk server is behind a firewall with the appropriate ports setup (as far as I can tell). The external extension is behind a router/firewall.

I have checked config files and have gone back and tested with the *Now server and that still works.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.