Two-way call ari 20

How can i use ari 20 to make a two-way conference call and both should be in stasis

You ensure the channels are directed into Stasis, you ensure both are answered, you create a bridge, and you add both channels to the bridge.

Otherwise you’d need to be more specific about what exactly your question is, what you have tried, what hasn’t worked. As it is your question is quite generic and broad.

i have a flask endpoint to which i will make request with
and it will originate a two-way call using ari and once i have answered it will call the “to_number” and it will sent to stasis and if anyone hangs up the call it will hangup for all am using pjsip

That’s still vague. What exactly is your problem? The forum is best for questions where you are trying to do something specifically, experiencing a problem, and need help.

I’ve answered at a high level what has to be done, but it’s still up to you to write the code and put the pieces together.

Bringing this to a lower level. Does the two need to be in the same statis or different one? Is there a difference between using Channel originate and channel dial?

Both need to be in the same stasis yes.

The difference between originate and dial is that in originate is a bit high level, you just call originate and it will create a channel for you and then dial it, you will get stasis start once channel is answered, however with this you won’t be able to capture intermediate events like ringing/proceeding etc.

When you use dial, you will first have to create a channel and then dial the channel, here you would have an option to add listener for channelStateChange event which will allow you to capture intermediate events like ringing etc.

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