Two clients log in at two locations with the same username

Hello everybody!

I am wondering if someone outside could help me with this situation. I want to log in two clients at two different locations (like two different telephones) with the same username. What should I configure and where?

I really apretiate any help!



why the same username ? so you can ring both clients at the same time ? tell us what you’re trying to achieve.

Logging in two devices with the same username just won’t work. Asterisk will listen to only the last registration and send calls to that IP Address. You could use and extension group though and ring two extensions at the same time to accomplish a similar result.


Thanks a lot for your help and comments. Yes, what I would like to achieve is to ring two diferent telephones at the same time. I didnt know that it wouldnt work with Asterisk. I will try with the extension group.

Thanks again!


an example would be :


look for the pages of help for “Dial” on the wiki at and perhaps read the sticky at the top of the forum. there’s a link to a free book on Asterisk you’ll find useful.

perhaps you should run:

CLI>show application Dial
at the asterisk CLI to see what your Dial application does in your
asterisk version.