Two asterisk server

I have this scenario :

Asterisk serverA (120 Lines)
Asterisk serverB (120 Lines)
Clients Sip on server 1

Clients Sip must use ServerB Lines automatically(outbound calls) when all lines on ServerA is busy.
How do?


Are server A and B in the same location?

Yes, server A and B are in the same location

Well you know the limit of outbound calls on serverA, so add Group command to assign a group to each person calling, then do a check before call gotoif(groupcount>=number) - i am not respecting the syntax here, then if Gotoif = true call by a trunk (or whatever how servers are connected Sip/iax/dundi)

I have installed two server to balance the calls load.
if my client are registered only on server A the performance will be good?
Is a good idea change the scenario :

Server A : for only Client Register
Server B : use for 120 Lines
Server C : use for 120 Lines



How many clients do you have ?


200 Clients

You got allready 2 servers with clients on them ? If yes why add the third one ?
You must determine what you need:

  1. ServerA ServerB, if lines on serverA all uccupied=>>ServerB, same for server B =>>>serverA. Of course you expose yourself to a danger if ServerA or ServerB fail you got half clients unable to call.

  2. Load Balancing with failsafe you add third machine (openser) if serverA overloaded-clients&lines) go to ServerB AND if ServerB does net respond to ping go to ServerA, same for server A.

Two conditions, ServerA&ServerB should handle 200 clients(hardware capable)

If openser dies, no sip, so be secure with that one

Good Idea,
Can i interface SER with external software Predictive to generate call and can i read the status of agent, calls from it?

you should ask that in openser forum :wink: