Trying to understand modules

I am trying to understand modules a little bit, I am using Asterisk 1.8 which I cannot currently change. I have a module that I have set up to register and have verified that it is running. I added into the load_module function the following line (which I think is registering to listen for the Newexten event sent out when a new extension is created):

res |= ast_manager_register_xml("Newexten", EVENT_FLAG_DIALPLAN, action_newExtenTest);

now my action_newExtenTest function is as follows:

static int action_newExtenTest(struct mansession *s, const struct message *m) {
     ast_log(LOG_ERROR, "A new extension was just created\n");
     return 0;

All I am currently trying to do is print out a line whenever a new extension is created. However I don’t see my printout. Am I mistaken in something I have done?

Support is not provide on this forum. On the forum that does provide support, there is a sticky message telling you where to get developer support, as developer support is not provided on this board.

I thought this was a general enough question on modules. I will create a topic on the Support forum instead though. Thank you for the reply at least

General is for discussion, i.e to volunteer information and debate policy. It is not for asking how to do things, or for debugging.

This whole board is for end users. It is not for people modifying the Asterisk code, itself.