Transferring to queue multiple times

Im trying to get the following working:

If i transfer a call to extension 823, the call is placed in queue_223. When that queue times out, the call should come back to SIP/200.
This works but when SIP/200 transfers the call back to the queue by transferring it to 823 a few times the call is lost without any warning or error. For some reason it fails to come back out of the queue properly.

Any ideas on this?

The reason why i’m creating this is to have a posibility to let callers wait for an extension to become available but let them come back to the operator when it takes to long. Maybe there is an easier/other way to achieve the same?

Why dont you use Queues in that case?

I’m using a queue, but i would like callers to come out of the queue every 2 minutes so our operator can ask the caller wether he/she still wants to wait.

there should be a way to do this, as this is called “Interflow” in the ACD world. after so many seconds, interflow to an extension or other queue.

Without the log you won’t get any answers here. you need to trace a call and post the part here where it goes wrong.

  1. There are two different ways of transferring SIP calls (features and SIP transfers).

  2. With this mechanism, the caller will lose their place in the queue.