Transferring to another context

Hi guys,
I am trying to transfer a call from one context to another. However the destination context has no “valid” extensions in it.

exten => _+.,1,Goto(${EXTEN:1},1)

exten => fax, 1, Goto(fax2email,${EXTEN},1)
switch => Realtime/ast_local@realtime_ext

I can’t use GoTo(dst_cntxt,+,1) and I would like the transfer to be made to the first line in the context.

Please advice if there is another method to achieve the transfer.
Thanks in advance,

I think “.” matches one or more, not zero or more digits.

In any case, the first rule in that context will generate an invalid GoTo if it were to match only the “+”.

“!” will, I think, match 0 or more digits, but it has side effects if you have overlap dialing.